Sioux Chief 630X246 Stand L type 1/2  in PowerPEX Copper Stub Out Elbow 6 in L x 3 1/2 in H

The 630X246 from Sioux Chief is a 1/2” PEX, Copper Stub Out Elbow measuring 6” x 3.5”. This item allows for the transition between PEX tubing and copper pipes to stub out of the walls and floors. To test water pressure, simply spin-closed outlet.



  • Dimensions: 6” (stub-out portion) x 3.5” (height);
  • 1/2” PEX inlet;
  • One-piece, solid, 100% Type L copper; 
  • Tube stops are formed into each fitting;
  • Lead-free, approved for potable water use;
  • Made in the USA

All Sioux Chief plain end copper fittings are Press-Fitting and PushFitting compatible

Sioux Chief preformed elbows are factory-produced to the ASME/ ANSI B16.22 Standard for Copper Sweat Fittings, in the same exact manner as common sweat elbows made by Nibco, Elkhart, and Mueller. Sioux

Chief elbows should be considered as the same, regardless of the length of the leg of the Sioux Chief elbows. The bend itself is no different than a common sweat 90. The wall thickness of the back side of the bend is not thinned out, and meets all requirements of ASME/ANSI B16.22. The overall part is burst tested to 2900 psig, which means the bend can and does hold this much pressure.


Sioux Chief offers all major PEX systems. Sioux Chief’s PEX offering is the most complete in the plumbing industry. All fitting and tubing solutions carry a 25-year warranty, mixed or matched. Sioux Chief does not limit its warranty on tube or fittings based on matching system connections. This is unique.

PowerPEX is warranted across all three of Sioux Chief’s PEX system connection offerings, giving contractors the ability to choose the right tube or fitting connection for each application, layout or contractor comfort level. We call this Fitting Freedom™.


Sioux Chief believes intelligent systems may incorporate hybrid PEX offerings to maximize each connection system’s benefit. This Power to Choose™ puts the plumber back at the heart of smart plumbing.



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    Sioux Chief 630X246 Stand L type 1/2 in PowerPEX Copper Stub Out Elbow 6 in L x 3 1/2 in H

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